Ready, Steady, COOK!

I’m a keen chef and love to prepare something fresh and healthy most evenings. However with the baby due to arrive any time now, I have really started to worry about how James and I will continue to eat well, rather than resorting to the local takeaways.

That was until I discovered COOK, the frozen ready meal store. If you haven’t come across the brand yet, then take a look at their website now and I dare you not to salivate over the pictures.

The food is all cooked and prepped into ready-made portions (ranging from an individual portion, to dinner for two, four person meals and even dinner party platters). All the meals are cooked straight from frozen in the oven and some of them even cook in the microwave. They couldn’t be easier. And best of all they taste divine. Like restaurant quality I kid you not!!

So for the last few weeks I have been clearing out the freezer to make space (I’m sure James has just loved our random suppers of fish fingers with a side of chicken kiev and such like). But today was the day for me to go into the store and make my choices and they didn’t disappoint.

The options are plentiful. From fish pie to Thai curry, they have it all. They even do all the vegies and sides frozen too, as well as some scrumptious deserts. Oh yeah and for all you un-pregnant people out there, they have Mojito iced lollies… I’ll be popping back for one of those in a few months’ time that’s for sure!

Also they offer a new parents discount too of 10%, so I would definitely recommend taking advantage of that.

Biggest worry now is how to ensure it stays in the freezer until D Day…. Any tips on how to abstain let me know!


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