Don’t be a dummy, trust your instincts

I’m so relieved to read this recent post by the blogger ‘Admissions of a working Mother’ on her blog: 

I totally agree with this. Before I became a parent I was adamant I wouldn’t use a dummy, but now (after seeing the calming effect sucking on something or rather anything has on Amelia) I have completely changed my mind. There are only so many times you can hover over her in her cot with your finger in her mouth!  

I just wish there wasn’t such a taboo around giving a dummy though. Since I started using it I have felt embarrassed about people seeing her with the dummy and felt I needed to make an excuse for giving her one. But why when she is a much happier, calmer baby when we give her one?! Healthcare professionals have also advised against it and even websites tell you to avoid them till further down the line. It makes you feel terrible as a parent to go against the advice. 

However if there is one thing I have learnt from parenting so far, it is this: trust your instincts! 

I was certain Amelia was settled in her breast feeding technique and wouldn’t get nipple confusion and if she did, well we would deal with that. Nothing is the end of the world and I will be a much better mummy if I can calm my baby and get some rest myself. I’m no use to anyone if I’m completely shattered.  

So thank you Admissions of a working mother. Thank you for reassuring us all and making it ok to follow your gut.

Read her blog here:

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