Does this make me a mummy?

Five new things I do now, which I never did before motherhood:

Paying no attention to the TV, whatsoever – I have to admit I love a bit of TV in the evening to chill me out and rewind from the day. However since having Amelia I find that even though the TV might be on, and even if it is showing something I love, I tend to watch her (or worse still her baby monitor) instead. I call it ‘Amelia TV’. I could have purposely put something on the box and realise half way through I have forgotten to watch it and have no idea what’s going on. I think James and I watched Dr Foster about four times before we finally managed to actually pay attention to the story. Thank goodness for pause and rewind is all I can say.

DIY home decor and reclaiming old bits – I love doing home improvements, but I have to admit I am the first to go out and buy things from the shop, rather than DIY’ing it (much to my husband’s dismay when he looks at the bank balance). However things are starting to change. I really wanted to get some bright pink blankets for some single beds in our spare room, but couldn’t find any I liked (all the pinks were too.. well.. pink), plus walking around home improvement stores with a newborn didn’t really fill me with joy. I had two cream blankets already which looked a bit old, so I wondered if there might be some kind of fabric dye out there that could do the trick for me and give them a boost. Not only would I get to use my blankets again, but I would also be saving money at the same time. Double whammy!

IMG_0245I ordered some ‘Flamingo Pink’ Dylon dye and used it in my washing machine and the results were amazing. Plus it was so quick, one wash and it was done. I was thinking about doing some of Amelia’s baby grows too (especially the poo stained ones!). And then who knows what could be next. Dylon seem to have every colour under the sun, so I could really get creative over time.

Using the food waste bin – Ok boring alert… I always hated the food waste bin and it has stayed outside behind all the other bins since I got it from the council. Horrible grubby, smelly thing! However now we have so much waste with nappies and wipes etc that I have had to pull it out, give it a wash and start using it. I still absolutely hate cleaning it out, but I guess it means our bins aren’t over flowing. In time my plan is to make a compost in the garden, but one step at a time. I may be a mum, but my green fingers are still developing.

Sleeping light – I was always such a deep sleeper before I had the baby and could sleep through anything. However since having Amelia I wake to even the slightest noise. Amelia only has to hiccup for me to be on high alert. Whilst it’s good to know I’m there to help her if anything goes wrong, even the nights when she sleeps well, I still feel shattered. I wonder if this is it? Will I always be a light sleeper now? Mums please advise on your experiences…

Multitasking – Well I always thought I was good at multitasking. After all my job is incredibly busy and means I can often end up doing five things at once for different clients. However nothing prepared me for the multitasking you have to do in motherhood. In fact, I may stop asking candidates in interviews about how they can juggle their workload and instead ask them whether they think they could open the post whilst holding a screaming baby, whilst also ensuring the steraliser is on in case baby wants the dummy, whilst also whipping down your bra to feed your baby, oh and whilst also getting yourself a glass of water to ensure you’re not dehydrated breast feeding.. Haha just imagine their faces!

Most certainly this list will continue to increase, and every day is a new experience. Why not drop me a line and let me know the strange new things you do now that you never thought you would do before becoming a mum. I would love to hear.



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