All the single parents… now put your hands up

Massive shout out to all the single parents out there – I take my hat off to you!

This past week I have been looking after Amelia by myself as James has been away with work with very little phone signal. Whilst I do the bulk of the childcare in the week anyway, I realised whilst he was away, just how much I rely on him for support (both physically and emotionally).

As such, this is a blog to give some serious kudos to all the single parents out there because 24/7 childcare on your own is hard, with a capital H. And to be fair I haven’t been completely alone. I was with my parents and my mother in law for a few days so I have only been totally alone for three nights. However, even if you have plenty of people around you, there is nothing like the support of your partner…. well in my opinion anyway.

Starting with waking up in the morning; even though you have done all the night feeds (a lonely task at the best of times), you wake up and still have no one to speak to. No one to moan to about how many times you got up or celebrate with if your little one slept well or did something cute in the night. Sure I can chatter away to Amelia, but being only 12 weeks old, she can’t answer back so the conversation is a little one sided. And of course I could ring someone, but let’s be honest, I don’t think they’re going to be that fussed about how that little smile Amelia did on the changing table made up for all the times she woke up in the night having spat the dummy out.

When he is home, James usually wakes up early and takes the baby downstairs for 40 minutes or so which allows me either a little bit more time in bed, or alternatively just gives me a little time to have a shower and put my face on. From what I can tell being a single parent means you literally have no time to yourself, no one to take the baby away for a while, no one to change a nappy for you when you feel it’s all you have done all day, no one to keep an eye on her whilst you have a shower. It’s really tough.

What I noticed most was that the days are seriously long and even though Amelia and I have a good routine we really missed the sound of daddy’s car driving down the driveway ready to help with bath time and have a cuddle.

Once 7pm comes and I put her to bed, I just crave some adult conversation over supper and a glass of wine. Sharing how the day went, hearing about what my husband’s work day was like, or him reassuring me that it’s ok if something didn’t go to plan. And most of all, being alone means you have no one to be as proud as you are when she reaches a new milestone or does something wonderful.

So well done to all your single parents out there. Keep up the good work because I think you’re amazing.

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