My first international Q&A

My first international Q&A: Speaking with Jennifer Weedon Palazzo, founder of MomCaveTV.

Today I am delighted to interview Jennifer Weedon Palazzo, the founder of MomCaveTV and mum to two kids. Jennifer is my first international Q&A as she comes from the states. She lives in the Berkshires, MA and is currently working in New York. Jennifer has been acting and modelling for 22 years and video producing/editing for seven.

Jennifer runs MomCaveTV (her other baby) and also freelances as an actor, shoe model and is a video producer and editor. MomCave is a network of comedies for moms, by moms. If you have some spare time over the Christmas period, I would definitely recommend you check it out as it’s pretty hilarious and I am sure there are multiple posts on there that you guys will resonate with. This is my personal favorite, given my ongoing struggles with breastfeeding and reflux: Check it out if you want a good giggle.

H: Hello Jennifer, thanks so much for joining me today. I just love MomCave. What a great idea. Not sure we have anything like that in the UK, most of our sites seem to be advisory only, so hopefully my readers will enjoy the link above. So tell me about your kids.

J: I have two kids, ages two and a half and seven. My youngest is not in school yet and stays home with me most days.

H: As you know my blog talks about the trials and tribulations of going off on maternity leave and specifically focusses on those who struggle with letting go of their career whether that be for just a short time or a much longer career break. As such can you tell me how you felt when you realised you were pregnant with regards to work?

J: I knew I was making a choice to focus on being a mother.

H: Interesting that you saw it as a choice. Mother or career. As if you can have one of the other. Did you ever feel apologetic about being pregnant?

J: Yes absolutely. Especially in the acting and modelling world. I unfortunately lost several jobs due to being pregnant. In terms of whether my maternity leave held me back then I would say that I certainly missed out on income and opportunities.

H: I am sorry to hear that. I imagine the modelling industry to be pretty brutal in that regard. One of my biggest fears before I finished work for my maternity leave was losing my identity and just becoming a mum. Did you ever worry you would ever lose your identity?

J: Yes, I struggled with it a lot and still do. Being a mom has become most of my identity now.

H: But you are obviously back at work now and clearly doing well with MomCave. Can you tell me what it was like going back?

J: It was really tough. In my line of work, you often don’t know you are working until the day before and have no idea how long your work day will be. It’s not a very appealing job for a babysitter. So finding childcare has always been my biggest hurdle. This was definitely the hardest thing about returning to work for me.

H: What about your partner, is he supportive?

J: My husband is really supportive but it’s difficult for him to fully comprehend what it means to be the “default” parent, as I call it. My husband heads up a traveling band, so he is out of town probably 80% of the time. Again this means if someone needs to look after the children it falls to me, so I need to be the flexible one. That’s a hard balance with running a business and short lead times.

H: What has been your biggest learning becoming a mum and starting a family?

J: I’m still learning many things! But most importantly, it’s taught me gratitude and to live in the moment.

H: And finally Jennifer, how do you manage it all, your blog, family life, running your own company etc? Is there a secret? Please tell me there is a secret?!

J: Nope, I’m afraid I’ve got nothing. I’m constantly struggling with balance.

H: Bummer, I thought as much!


JenniferTo find out more about what Jennifer does check out her website here:

And for a good old giggle, take a look at MomCave:

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