Yum yum Gummee mummy

I don’t often endorse products on my blog, not unless I think they are really bloody good, but I recently got sent these Gummee teething products and I thought I should post a few words on them. Because they really are bloody good!

Amelia has been showing signs of teething for at least a month now, stuffing everything in her mouth, making funny sounds which sound like she wants to scratch her gums and dribbling loads. I hadn’t previously purchased many teething toys as I have been giving her silicon cake moulds and spatulas instead (cheap skate I know!) I also have some lovely teething beads which I got given as a gift.

However when I kindly got sent some Gummee products from the Gummee team I thought I would give them a try. And I have to say she went crazy for them. The individual toys on the rings are perfect for chewing and sucking on, plus you can attach them onto the pram and high chair. They are for three months plus. I love taking these along to my Boogie Bounce class, so she can sit there happily chewing away whilst I do my trampoline workout.

If I’m honest I wasn’t too sure about the teething mitt/ glove (six months plus) because I thought she wouldn’t want to have it on her hand for long, but to my surprise she really liked it. She puts one hand in the mitt and then holds the ring with the other hand. Seeing her gnaw on it is hilarious, she just goes mad for it and the velcro means it stays on… well most of the time anyway!

In terms of hygiene I put the toys in the washing machine and the mitt can be easily washed, or so I am told (not done that yet though). The mitt also has a handy little bag which means I can chuck it in the changing bag with everything else without worrying about it getting grubby.

So yes I think these teething products are pretty great and I know Amelia has loved playing with them. If you want more info on them click on the links within the blog and hope your little one enjoys them as much as we have.

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