Learning about baby and having some fun at the same time

I recently finished a course of baby classes called Baby College in West Oxfordshire. I really enjoyed my experience at this class, so I thought I would write about it just to give you a flavour for what it’s all about. I know a few local mums read my blog, so I thought you might find this interesting.

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Baby College is a parent and baby development class to help parents gain an insight into their baby’s development from birth onwards. The classes are fun, but most of all they are very informative. I would say that out of all the classes I have been to, this is most definitely the most educational class I have attended. Certainly it is more about learning about baby than about chatting to other mums. But that’s fine. I have plenty of other forums for the chatting and socialising. It’s nice to be in a class that is very focused on the baby and allows you to take some insights home at the end of the class.

The classes focus on the physical, emotional and neurological development of children and babies and include so many different elements to help with this, such as baby massage, body mapping, mum and baby yoga, sign language, singing, dancing together, sensory activities, parachute play, bubbles etc. I have learnt loads of new rhymes and massage techniques from the class and James has enjoyed learning them second hand too (even if they do get stuck in your head “it’s tidy up time at baby collage….”)

The sign language has been fun to learn too. Whilst I am not great at using it all the time in daily life, it’s been particularly good for weaning. I can now ask Amelia if she wants some more, if she is hungry, if she would like milk and say thank you all in sign language. I *think* she is starting to recognise some of the signs… only time will tell I guess.

sent.jpgAmelia’s two favorite parts of the class are definitely the bubbles under the parachute and also the dancing. When I say dancing, it is more like a workout for the parent. You have to dance around the room lifting your baby up into the air and spinning them around. It is a proper arm workout that’s for sure. We are all shattered by the end of it.

Emma (the teacher) is really keen to emphasise the benefits of movement and balance for the babies. She says that the more babies move now, the more likely they will be able to sit still at a later date. This is good news for us given how Amelia simply cannot sit still now – I really do worry she will rock up to school bouncing like Tigger through the school gates!

If you fancy trying out Baby College in West Oxfordshire they why not give it a go. Emma has been kind enough to give us all a discount code to offer all parents or carers one free class (worth £7.50) when they book a term at Baby College in Witney or Chipping Norton for the Summer Term:  WO1COMPCLASS

sen2For more information contact Emma on:

E: emma@babycollege.co.uk

W: http://www.babycollege.co.uk

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