10 tips to negotiate a flexible return to work


I’ve just written to my boss to discuss my return to work and negotiate some flexible working. Whilst I nervously await the results and their feedback, I thought I should share with you some tips on how best to negotiate a return to work if you are looking for some degree of flexibility. Massive caveat here… nothing has been agreed with my work yet, so I do not profess to be an ace at this, these are just tips I picked up from the web and asking others!

If you want some more tips or to speak to a HR or legal expert, then join the #Workitout forum. It’s a free space to chat to professionals and get advice and guidance on just this topic set up by Pregnant then Screwed and Mother Pukka.  It’s a fab little resource.

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  1. Make a plan in advance: Start thinking earlier rather than…

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