Busy mum? Five speedy recipes you can throw together in 10 minutes

Guest post from Rosie, editor of www.rosieandtherecipes.com

Disclaimer: I’m not a Mum and I’m not pregnant either. Intrigued? Read on.

Firstly, a little bit about me. I’m Rosie, a normal gal who lives in Hampshire. I’ve always loved sport but equally always loved food, and lots of it. Sadly for me, I gained a lot of weight over the course of about eight years and it really started to get me down. In 2013, something hit home and I decided to do something about it once and for all. I joined Slimming World, which is a low fat diet where you can still eat carbs, protein and plenty of fruit and vegetables. I was surprised to find that I loved it and the weight dropped off. I’ve always loved to cook, and I started recording my recipes on my Instagram @slimmingworldrecipes. Fast forward to nearly five years later, I’ve lost two and a half stone and gained over 200k Instagram followers in the process. It’s a preferable trade-off!

So, what the heck am I doing here on PitterPatterPither, I hear you cry? Well, losing weight aside, I reckon I’ve got this whole ‘cooking well but cooking fast’ thing down to an exact science. No, I don’t have babies to handle, but I do commute into London every day for a full time job before heading home to Winchester, alongside running my blog and small candle business. All in all, that means I don’t have time to prepare meals all that often. I need meals to be quick, healthy and unboring to keep me on track, so I thought I would share these with the other busiest people on earth: Mums! Here are my top quick eats which might be good for new mothers with very little time on their hands:

carbonara.pngCarbonara. This great tasting but significantly lower calorie version takes about 10 minutes to prepare, as you make all the secondary ingredients while the pasta is cooking.



prawns.pngPrawns marie rose on lettuce boats. Ok, it’s not rocket science here, but this is a tasty lunch you can whip up in seconds.




Homemade chicken kievs. Now, this one might sound like too much faff, but it takes about 10 minutes to prepare, and 25 more minutes in the oven. It’s also brilliant for the freezer so you can bulk make them and then cook straight from frozen next time.


Zoodles with spicy tomato, spinach and bacon sauce. zoo.pngIf you have a spiraliser, you can get your veg intake up in an instant with this recipe. If you haven’t, you can buy zoodles ready made now in most major supermarkets in the fresh aisle. It also works well with butternut squash ‘noodles!’


steakCrusted peri peri steaks. This nifty steak rub is easy to make and use there and then, or save for later. Steak is cooked in less than five minutes usually, and it’s an easy way to jazz up your lunch or dinner in a healthy but interesting way.


Rosie can be found via www.rosieandtherecipes.com or on Instagram @slimmingworldrecipes.



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