A round of applause for Pregnant Then Screwed Live

“Flipping heck and wow, what an event…”

Yesterday (19th Jan) I attended Pregnant Then Screwed Live. Pregnant Then Screwed Live is a festival for parents who have been pushed out and pushed to the edge by employers who are incapable of seeing their brilliance. With sessions on confidence, flexible working, starting your own business, going self employed, your legal rights, mental health, relationships, and writing a badass CV, the festival brought together the funniest, most inspirational women to help attendees navigate the minefield that is motherhood and work.

I had booked my ticket months ago, and was so excited about attending an event with an awesome line up and some well known influencers. However on Tuesday last week I managed to fracture my rib, so I was concerned I wasn’t going to make it. I debated about going all day Friday, but decided it was too good to miss.. and thank God I did go, because what an awesome event!

Pregnant Then Screwed Live

I arrived to such a buzz and was surprised and excited to see so many ladies there with babies in tow. As I sat in the main hall I looked around and was in awe at the type of people present. Some nursing babies whilst listening to the speakers, others trying to feed toddlers biscuits to keep them amused, some busy scribbling away clearly ready to take their next step, many enjoying the fact that they had left their kids at home and enjoying a moment of calm and others enjoying the networking opportunities on offer. Whatever their situation though, what everyone had in common was a shared believe in making a difference, in joining a movement to remove the parenthood penalty and do all we can for our own daughters to ensure that when they got older they will never encounter someone who gets ‘pregnant then screwed’ and or worse still, experience it themselves.

The speaker line up was epic, with so many awesome people I have followed over the last two years taking to the stage and sharing their wisdom. There’s something brilliant about seeing someone you have followed or engaged with on social media actually in the flesh. Felt a little star struck at stages if I’m honest, especially when Anna Whitehouse, aka Mother Pukka took to the stage.

The speakers made us laugh, they made us cry and most of all they made us think and reflect. The stories I heard were so powerful, many were heartbreaking and made me incredibly angry. However what all of them had in common was a strength like no other and a commitment to change the way things are and join the sisterhood.

With sessions like ‘Rock your return’, an informative session on flexible working and an encouraging slot on campaigning, I was lapping it all up. The smaller, more personal, breakout sessions were brilliant and once again I bumped into people who I have been following for months, who have inspired me in my writing and with my blog. I just wish I could have spent longer chatting to all these amazing people, there just wasn’t enough time.

So a round of applause to the brilliant Joeli who arranged the revolutionary event. You have united parents all over the UK and inspired us all to bring about change. Roll on the next one and seeing what we can do in the meantime.

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