Testing out a new Hape Caterpillar train set with Amelia #AD

I don’t often do product reviews, unless I really like something or it feels that little bit different… and the Caterpillar train set from Hape Toys is definitely that!

Make the hungry caterpillar wiggle its way down the tracks, looking for something tasty to eat. Suitable for play both on and off the tracks, this caterpillar train brings colour, movement and lessons about the natural world to playtime.

First and foremost it’s made of wood which is a big thing for me. So many of the toys you get now are made 100% of plastic and not only do you feel like you are adding the plastic crisis buying them, but plastic toys in general just look a bit meh!

This train set on the other hand is robust, pretty and so much fun to play with.

Amelia knew as soon as the box arrived that it was going to be something fun for her. The bright vibrant colours and the rattling inside the box interested her at once. As soon as we opened the box, she was able to play with it right away. No DIY required- thank god!

She loves playing with the train on the tracks, but also just pushing it around the kitchen because the wheels work on normal surfaces too.

Even though Amelia throws it around the kitchen and it often gets stuffed into the changing bag as something to play with if we head out, it appears to be indestructible.

Round of applause for Hape Toys – we will definitely to taking a look at what else you have and buying some more track for our caterpillar..

This product was kindly gifted to me by Hape Toys.

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