Creative ways to curb the boredom during isolation (especially if you have kids)

Although feeling cooped up in the house can be a drag, we’re all in this together! Lockdown has led to many of us spending a lot more time indoors than we would perhaps like, and as the sun begins to creep out, it’s becoming truly difficult to keep yourself and your family entertained and stay at home.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to curb the boredom and keep busy without having to step outdoors. You may have to get a bit more creative and awaken your inner child, but there are plenty of ways that you can still have a bit of fun! Here are six of the top options…

Kitchen disco

As you may not be able to head out on the town or bounce around at a gig right now, what’s stopping you from becoming your very own DJ? Turn the music up and get the whole family involved. Think upbeat tunes and anything that will get the whole household on their feet. Whether it be a headphone disco or a full surround-sound experience, get ready for a party!

Improve your cooking (and teach the kids some new skills at the same time)

Well, there is certainly no time like the present to try out some crazy new recipes and become your own Michelin star chef! We’re all missing our favourite restaurants and bars and pining for that satisfying moment when you discover a new restaurant discount, but at the moment, we’re going to have to recreate the restaurant experience at home. Dust off your recipe books, look through your pantry, and either give a brand-new recipe a go or try to perfect a classic.

Indoor picnics

Try being creative with your setting and try out some new dining experiences in the comfort of your home. One great idea is to have an indoor picnic. Roll out the blanket and grab a couple of wine glasses, a bottle of something cold and some snacks for the kiddies.

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden or a conservatory, the al fresco dining experience is even easier to achieve. Who needs a picnic in the park when you can recreate the experience wherever you are?

Try a bit of DIY

Most of us will have that DIY project that they’ve been ‘meaning to get around to’. Well, now’s your time to shine! Whether you’ve been meaning to put up shelves, paint a wall, or reorganise your pantry, there’s no time like the present. Make sure your house (and garden) is looking fabulous by the time you can once again host guests. Get the kids to join in too as your little helpers (obvs doing the less dangerous activities – do NOT give them a saw for heavens sake!!).

A board game tournament

Ready to challenge your family to a real competition? Dust off the old board games and get ready to let your competitive streak run free. From marathon tactical games like Risk to a good old game of Uno, it’s time to get your brain ticking and refine those skills.

If you’re already bored (excuse the pun) of the old classics, why not use this time to learn a game you’ve never played before? From Dobble to Catan, there are so many games out there you might never have heard of — jazz it up a bit and try something new! If you’re worried about the cost of buying so many new games, check out Print & Play. Here, you’ll find a wealth of games available to download and print for free.

Organise your space

The endless lists you’ve made, those ambitious mood boards — it’s finally time to tackle them! This is a great opportunity to declutter your space and organise what exactly you want to achieve. Whether this means tackling a long-neglected room in your house or making a list of your goals and ambitions for when lockdown ends, you’ll feel motivated and inspired as soon as you get everything organised. Note to parents all round though, if you manage to create a minimalist space like the below then I take my hat off to you! Dreams vs reality on this one so try to be realistic…

However you decide to spend your time, there are plenty of ways in which you can get creative! Curb the boredom and get the whole family involved — it may seem hard to look on the bright side sometimes, but try to enjoy this quality downtime while you can.

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