5 tips to ace your lockdown workout

With so many of us working from home and being unable to get to the gym, the past few months in lockdown have definitely been challenging in terms of our everyday fitness levels and generally keeping healthy.

However, working out at home really is far easier than one might think, and totally possible to commit to long term if you stick to a few simple rules…..

Today, Anna Cousins, an online personal trainer, provides her five tips to ace your lockdown workout:

  1. Structure and routine: Make sure you put a set time in your diary to do your fitness and try to create some form of consistency throughout the week. For instance, why not get up, answer some emails, grab a coffee and then do your home workout whilst you would have otherwise been commuting and still make your 9am Zoom team meeting. The key here is getting into some form of routine and sticking to it. Alternatively use your lunch hour or what would have been your afternoon commute to do a session. Whatever time you pick, it’s vital you treat your home workout in just the same way you would a gym class; set a time to do it and stick to it. 
  1. Find your space. It’s vital to find somewhere that becomes your regular workout space. Setting aside a set space will allow you associate that area with working out and ensure that your equipment (tins of beans, a chair, your mat etc) is always close at hand. Preparation is key here. 
  1. Healthy body, healthy mind: As we all know, a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body. It’s fair to say that many people love gym-based classes for the social side. Having a chat and gaining support from others is often a big driver behind keeping people motivated and on track. Just because you’re working out from home doesn’t mean you have to miss out on community spirit. Working out with a friend online at the same time or joining an online workout programme that has a community of like-minded people can be really beneficial as it feels like you’re all in it together. These are places where you can interact with other community members, make friends, share stories, ask questions and build a support network. This community will become your biggest cheerleader too which will no doubt spur you on even more and hopefully help towards a better positive mental attitude and reduce any feelings of loneliness. 
  1. Nutrition: Most importantly, nourish your body both inside and out. One of my mantras is that ‘abs are made in the kitchen, not on the gym mat’. Whether your goal is to lose weight, tone up, or gain weight and build muscle mass, the best results are always achieved when you couple your home workouts with a great nutrition plan that is geared towards that goal. Understanding and sticking to the correct calorie consumption and macronutrient split for your personal goal is key to success.
  1. Dress to impress: Invest in some stylish gym clothes that make you feel good. Not only will that post workout selfie look fabulous on your social feed, but you will feel a million dollars too. This doesn’t mean you have to splash out either, a few quality items which you can pair up together will be more than enough.

So don’t let working from home and lockdown life put a dampener on your fitness goals. You can indeed, not only stay on top of being healthy and active whilst working from home, but in actual fact you can also improve on your fitness levels too.

….. Go on, give it a try.

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