New shoes and those first few steps into preschool

We’re day two into our second official week of preschool now and I feel like I can finally let out a (very little) sigh of relief (and indeed draft this blog)… anything else felt like tempting fate too much. Perhaps I still am given the Government’s announcement today..

To be honest with you, I was feeling really nervous about Amelia heading off to preschool. It’s a massive step for any child and parent anyway, let alone during the current pandemic. There were so many unknowns, so much nervousness and a great deal of anxiety. I was so conscious that I didn’t want Amelia’s first experience of school to be too clinical, too cold. I mean this is supposed to set her up for the rest of her school life – I didn’t want to freak her out at the first step.

I was scared she was too little… scared she might not like it…. worried she wouldn’t be able to take off the wrappers of food in her packed lunch… scared she wouldn’t like the teaching staff…scared she might start having accidents as she was too nervous to ask the teacher to go to the loo.. worried about the school gate set up.. anxious I would get something wrong (pack her bag wrong, be too late, be too early).. you name it, I thought about it!

Luckily all my fears were abated. So far, it’s been a great experience and I can tell she is relishing every moment there. I have also been pretty impressed with the teaching staff. I mean this must be a tough time for them too and so full of unknowns, but I have been really pleased so far with their communication and how reassuring they are. And even if we can’t talk to the teachers at the gate due to social distancing, they are always really good at coming back on this app we have (ClassDojo). They post photos of the children daily and give regular progress reports on Amelia. I have also (just this second) been invited to my first parents evening… I mean am I really mature enough to attend a parents evening!? Still often feel like a kid myself!

I suppose before Amelia started at preschool, one of my biggest fears was that the teachers would be distanced from the children, not helping them with their lunch, going to the loo and avoiding holding their hands if they were scared. But I needn’t have worried. I can see the love and care that they feel for the children just at the gate. It’s very reassuring.

So whilst I well and truly needed a tissue (or maybe three) on day one and felt very unsure the whole time she was there, I am now sitting a little more comfortably knowing my little girl is in good hands.

Today though we learn of new measures being put in place with Covid-19 and yet more changes. I am definitely still a little on edge about what the future of school will hold, but all we can do is take each day as it comes. I hope those of you reading this also going through the transition of a school start are doing ok. Keep strong mamas.

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  1. oysterbe says:

    Well written darling daughter, I loved it Xxx Boatrider

    With best wishes

    Richard Tyzack +44 1291650720 +44 7710 430039



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