Your heart is my heart, and I hold it in my hand

Sorry this one is a little gushy I’m afraid…

So maybe I wrote my last blog about Amelia hop skipping and jumping into school a little too early. This week going into preschool has been a whole different story. Poor little thing has been very upset at the school gates and constantly telling us she is going to miss us too much and that she wants to stay home instead. It’s been heart breaking to be honest, especially after such a strong start.

Apparently this is pretty normal and they call it the two week wobble.. and it’s certainly that. For all of us!

I asked her teacher if she had any suggestions on what to do and she recommended that before school we drew a heart on Amelia’s hand in pen and one on ours too. That way whenever she looked at her heart in school she would know we were thinking about her and there with her.

It’s truly the cutest idea and definitely gave me a big lump in my throat when we did it this morning. She seemed to love it too and stood a little taller walking into school today. Apparently, there was only a little wobbly lip today, rather than full blown tears.

It got me thinking about other ways to ease your child into a new childcare setting and how to provide them with that extra reassurance, especially during these tough times if you’re not allowed (due to Covid) to let them go in with anything aside from a lunch box.

My good friend (who is also a teacher) recommended the idea of sewing a couple of kisses (simple crosses) into their school jumper so that they know you are sending them lots of kisses at school. Again I just love this – it’s so simple, and such a nice way of connecting with your little one.

Another tip is printing off a family photo, laminating it and affixing it to their lunchbox or perhaps even printing it off as a sticker to put on their bag as you do their name tag.

Other parents have suggested giving their little ones a little keep sake they can keep in their pockets – like a lucky hankie or similar. I suppose this is a little trickier during the pandemic but it will depend on what the school rules are. But what do you think? What little tips and tricks can you recommend to help reassure your little one. I would love to hear them. Comment below or drop me a line.

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