Sold on CBD?

I’ve always been interested in CBD, after all it’s such a buzzword in the wellness industry isn’t it. But is it really all it’s cracked up to be and does it really work?

Well I’ve just done a collaboration with Synerva CBD Oils around the launch of their brand-new product, CBD joint and muscle cream. Synerva #gifted me their joint and muscle cream, some CBD oil and also some CBD gummies too.

So, what is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is a product that’s derived from cannabis. Yes you heard me correctly! But even though it comes from the marijuana plant, CBD doesn’t give a “high” effect or any form of intoxication. Rather that effect is caused by another cannabinoid, known as THC, which isn’t in this.

…So, let’s be clear on one thing. This is not going to get you high. Phew, ok mum and dad you can relax now and keep reading.

CBD has been cited as having multiple health benefits, from anxiety reduction, to aiding sleep, to reducing migraines and it’s even said to help with acne. But one of its stated benefits (and certainly the one I was most interested in) is its anti-inflammatory properties. CBD has long helped those with chronic pain to feel relief without unwanted side effects which individuals may experience with pharmaceutical pain relief.  Given I suffer pretty badly with endometriosis, I was keen to give it a go to see if it could relieve any of my symptoms, reduce pain and settle any inflammation.

Plus, given I do lots of running and fitness, I thought that their CBD joint and muscle cream would alleviate any achy joints and muscles too. So I was hoping it would be a win win…

I’ve been using the CBD products for over 10 days now and whilst it’s still early stages, I have really enjoyed using them.

Here’s what I have noticed so far….

I seem to be sleeping well, I take 4 drops of the oil under my tongue at night (tastes a little oaky and herby, but not unpleasant at all) and whilst I wouldn’t say I am falling asleep any quicker, because to be fair I never really had an issue with that, I think it is helping me feel more energised the next day when I wake. Usually I really struggle in the morning, but I have felt more able to get up and get going recently. My husband has also said he has noticed a difference too – yes he’s been using the products as well and he does struggle to get to sleep. He says it’s definitely helping him relax at bedtime and unwind more. Given his shift work with the police, he’s said it’s really helped him. In fact I always know when he rates something of mine, when I find it over on his bedside table, half empty!

Using the joint and muscle cream also feels great too. The smell is nice (very relaxing) and I have definitely noticed that I feel good when using it after a workout. It’s not at al greasy or sticky and runs in really quickly. I’ve been struggling with my arm (overworked it in an online workout) and using the cream has helped with that little niggle. Likewise using it on my back during an endo flare up has helped relieve tension too.

In short, in the limited time I have been using these products, I’m impressed. They feel natural, they smell good and most of all they feel like they’re doing good. I can definitely see myself continuing to use Synerva moving forward and to give myself even longer to experience (and reap) the benefits.

Synerva’s CBD Joint and Muscle Cream RRPs at £29.95 and the oil is £24.95. You can find out more about them here.

*please be aware that these products were gifted to me, but I only write fair and honest reviews on my blog, and the above is just that.

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  1. oysterbe says:

    Dad has some CBD Gummies, I shipped them in from the USA.

    With best wishes

    Richard Tyzack +44 1291650720 +44 7710 430039



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