The PitterPatterPither Christmas Gift guide for mums

Mummies it’s time to put your feet up, grab a glass of something cold and fizzy and start writing your Christmas wish list.. and to help out with this onerous task (!!), here’s my list of some of the top gifts for mums this year. So, print the list out and stick it on the fridge, email a link to your partner or simply wave it in front of their nose; it’s time for you to get something you really want this year.

Here are my top gifts for Christmas 2020….


Rosalique skincare – ground-breaking concealing

One of my new favourite skincare products has to be the Rosalique 3-in-1 Anti-redness Skincare Miracle Formula. Not only is this cream fabulous for getting rid of blemishes and red spots, it’s also got an SPF of 50, so it will be perfect for those summer days too. Who else is dreaming of daiquiris by the pool?!

This cream has been developed especially for hypersensitive and redness-prone skin and provides an instant concealing effect through its unique micro-encapsulated technology. It seems to conceal red spots, scars, blemishes and even works on those horrible hormonal spots too.

The cream is especially perfect for lockdown days as you can have a lovely cover and complexion without having to wear a full face of foundation (ideal if you need to jump on a video call but can’t be bothered to get properly dolled up). I love how light it feels and how easily it rubs in. This is definitely one of my new favourite creams and a key product in my make up bag right now.

If you want Rosalique in your make up bag, then take a look at their website here. The cream costs £29.99.

Mama Designs – wipes for all the family

These bamboo washable wipes are amazing for all the family, not just mums and babies. We have been using them for a whole host of uses, from face wipes, to make up removing wipes, to cloths at supper time wiping messy mouths for our toddler (and they’re even baby bottoms). They are as soft as anything, naturally antibacterial, very absorbent and totally sustainable too. In buying them you’ll also save a fortune versus disposables and also do your bit for the planet. Win win!

These would make a perfect stocking present for mummies and in each pack you will receive 10 wipes so you always have some spare in between washes.

If you want to get these soft bamboo wipes in your stocking, you’ll need Father Christmas to take a look here. They cost £12.00 for a pack of 10.


Anna Cousins – giving the gift of fitness at home

With so many of us working from home and being unable to get to the gym, the past few months in lockdown have definitely been a challenge in terms of our everyday fitness levels and generally keeping healthy. But don’t panic, there’s still plenty of time to shift those extra pounds ready for the new year.

Why not buy someone the gift of fitness by getting them gift voucher for a six-month membership to Anna Cousins to do in the comfort of their own home?

Anna Cousins is an online personal trainer, offering individual PT workout sessions and a wealth of different group sessions. Anna is a level 4 qualified personal trainer as well as a nutrition and weight management coach. Her online sessions range from HIIT, boxercise, dance, Pilates, resistance bands, stretching, kettlebells and much more.

The membership will offer unlimited live workouts classes, a vast library of workouts on demand, awesome nutrition plans, access to an amazing community of likeminded women, dedicated meal plans and recipes and even personal support and motivation.

To get a voucher for Anna’s gift guide all you need to do is check out Anna’s site here. Then pick three, six or twelve months!

Anita Active – providing structure to your workouts

Unfortunately, far too many of us tend to do exercise in ill-fitting sports tops and bras (me included) and I certainly worry about the damage I may be doing over time.

Anita Active solves this issue with their awesome sports bra. Not only is this bra great to look at (and in snake skin print), but it’s really supportive and feels great.

Extreme Control is an innovative sports bra that provides sensational support and comfort at all levels of exercise intensity right through to an H cup thanks to its technical design. It features seamless, microfibre inner cups; a soft microfibre under-bust band that moulds to the body’s contours  and ergonomically styled relief straps which are padded and adjustable. 

To ask Santa for the Anita sports bra, ask him to head over to the Anita website or Boobydoo. The bra costs £54 and is available in lots of prints, including Python, Desert, Black, White and Heather Grey RRP.


Bampton House – cleansing scrubs to rejuvenate

Now I’ve used so many body scrubs over the years, and as nice as they smell, they unfortunately always seem to wash off as quickly as I put them on.

The scrubs are different. Their clever natural gel helps the scrub to stay on your skin while you massage your body, enabling a trio of benefits;  cleansing, exfoliating and hydrating.

The small granules in this scrub that provide exfoliation are totally natural and made of sugar. They provide just the right amount of exfoliation to do the job of giving you smooth skin, without being overly scratchy.

The scrub also smells awesome too, probably as a result of the whole host of awesome ingredients included.

I tried the Positive Mind scrub which is Bampton House’s best-selling scent (Rose Geranium, Patchouli and Sweet Orange). Wow!

The essential oils help to balance emotions and relieve anxiety, lifting your mood. Beetroot is the magic ingredient that gives it a luscious soft pink colour that makes it looks good enough to eat. 

So, if you want to give the gift of silky soft skin without using a harsh scrub with shed loads of chemicals then this is the product for you. At only £14.00 it’s a bit of a bargain. So ask Santa to head over to the Bampton House website here for a spa day in a tin.  

WholyMe – relief for achy joints

One of the best buys for Christmas 2020 has to be the WholyMe relief balm. This balm is for over-worked-out, fatigued muscles and joints and relieves your body whilst also enhancing your potential with a daily application.

The Relief Balm contains an innovative formula of 12 potent organic ingredients and is free from parabens, synthetics, mineral oils, fillers and alcohol while also being non-sticky and non-greasy. All you do is rub a pea sized amount on the achy area and then enjoy the sensation of it getting to work.

It also smells excellent and definitely something I would advise you rub on just before bed to allow you to have a restful night. 

If you want to relieve your achy joints and want a little bit of R&R, then check out WholyMe here. The Balm costs £34.00, but is well worth the money as you only use a pea sized amount so the jar will last for ages.

Westlab’s Recover Bathing Salts – time for mummy R&R

Now if you love a relaxing bath (and let’s face it, who doesn’t?) then you need these Westlab bathing salts in your life. Westlab’s Recover Bathing Salts contain Arnica, a herb that has long been used as a pain relief. The salts can help with sprains, muscle aches, wound healing, joint pain and inflammation.

To be honest these salts are a bit of a saviour to aid a faster recovery and avoid muscle burn out. The bathing salts also contain Magnesium-rich Epsom Salts to assist in rapid muscle recovery and white willow and eucalyptus essential oils to revive the body and mind.

I tried both the sleep salts and the recover ones, and both smell amazing. Word of guidance on these though, lock them up somewhere out of sight, as my husband has pilfered most of mine in his baths!

If you fancy a bit of R&R, you can find these salts at Look FantasticBoots, Amazon, Ocado, Asda and even in Morrisons and they only cost £6.99 for a big bag. 

Sensory Retreats – treat your eyes

With Mums often neglecting to take time for themselves, the Sensory Retreats new Divine Eyes Mask is the perfect option for a relaxing ‘spa-at-home’ quick fix, especially for those with time restraints.

Made with natural ingredients which gently heat as they come into contact with the air, the self-heating, lavender infused eye mask helps to alleviate dry and tired eyes, headaches and reduce stress. It is said they also help puffy eyes and fine lines (please send a whole lorry full Sensory Retreats team, as this mummy is TIRED!!)

The mask warms up after just a few minutes once your open it, and lasts for up to 25 minutes. I think though that the best thing about the mask is the smell, the lavender sent is delightful and makes you feel so calm. I actually kept mine by my bed for a few days after use just so I could smell it. The scent seems to last for ages.

If you want these masks in your stocking, you can get a box of 7 masks from Sensory Retreats for £21.

Mama Notes – weekly wellbeing

For all those new mummies out there, this one is not to be missed.

Mama Notes is an A5 diary for all new mummies navigating the first 12 weeks of motherhood. With a weekly wellbeing focus, and space to record all the essentials, it offers new mums a way to feel more organised whilst looking after their mental health.

Written by a clinical psychologist, it has weekly journal prompts, space to record your birth story and is spiral bound so you can write in it with one hand!

This is a perfect stocking gift for a new mummy. To get your hands on a Mama Notes book head here. The book costs £15 including P&P and comes gift wrapped.

Cosy nights in

Giesswein Woolpops – neon pop slippers 

No Christmas gift guide would be complete without some slippers.. and what a pair these are. The new Giesswein Woolpop slippers are pretty darn epic and they certainly live up to their name and totally ‘pop’.

These cosy slippers are made of high-quality virgin wool and are comfortable, soft and flexible. Since the Woolpops are made of breathable sheep’s wool, your feet always stay warm and dry (and odour free from what I can tell).

Their slip-free sole, which is made of natural rubber, is dyed with food colouring and makes for a cool, vibrant colour accent (mine are bright pink!)… I have to say these have been one of my favourites gifts in this guide this year and have pretty much been on my feet day in day out for the last month. Lockdown does have some benefits doesn’t it.

To ask Santa and his elves to pick you up a pair of colour pop slippers, ask him to head to Giesswein here. They retail at £44.90 and are available in various colours.

 A gift to yourself

Elvie – a gift to yourself

Now everyone needs to give themselves a little gift here and there don’t they?

… and what better present than giving yourself the gift of a stronger pelvic floor. Elvie is an award-winning female technology company and a pioneer in the women’s health space.It has been pushing forward conversations around women’s issues and lifting the taboo around women’s bodies for the last few years now.

The Elvie Trainer is a portable pelvic floor trainer. It’s simple to use and comes in an inconspicuous (and dare I say it pretty stylish) carry case too. The case is also inclusive of a cool little USB charger to keep everything in one place. This product, albeit a pelvic floor trainer, is seriously smart. It not only feels well-made and safe, but totally easy to clean and very easy to keep secret too with its little box.

Download the app and it basically does it all for you guiding you on what you need to do. I have to say I was really pleasantly surprised with this trainer as was ever so easy to use and makes a real difference (try it and see..)

If you want to get yourself a stronger pelvic floor, then check out Elvie here. They have some great offers on their website right now for the trainer which usually retails at £169.00. Bag your deal quickly.

The Dress Change – the gift of sustainable fashion

Look I don’t know about you, but I have really started to fall out of love with fast fashion. The recent pandemic has only accentuated this in terms of how I want to shop and generally be more sustainable.

If you fancy getting into a more sustainable way of shopping for clothing, but don’t want to break the bank then you should consider The Dress Change. The Dress Change is an online womenswear exchange allowing women to swap clothing, shoes and accessories. Most women have items in their wardrobes that they never wear. This could be down to the fact that the item doesn’t suit them, doesn’t fit (weight gain or loss), or simply because they just didn’t get a chance to return to the store. 

The Dress Change makes it possible for women to exchange items (clothes, shoes, accessories) that are no longer suitable for items they want. It is a membership-based platform; with a free version offering one exchange per month and a paid version offering five exchanges for £9 per month. That’s a whole new outfit on a monthly basis for under a tenner! 

As a special offer for readers of this blog The Dress Change has kindly given us a discount code for readers of this blog to buy one membership and get one free for their best mate for three months. To get this deal head over the The Dress Change and enter this code: 3TDCXMASBOGOF

Well what a list. Hopefully I have covered off everything in here from gifts to help with a little R&R to gifts to get you fit and some gifts you can treat yourself to. As per my children’s Christmas gift guide, all these lovely presents were #gifted to me to try out, but rest assured the reviews are all fair and 100% honest.

Happy shopping…

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