Me time; which activities keep kids distracted the longest?

Anyone else struggling to get their kids to do something for longer than five minutes right now? If you’re doing the juggle or indeed just need 10 minutes of ‘me time’ take a look at this post about what’s keeping our kids distracted the longest!

Experts at were intrigued to find out which crafts will keep your child distracted the longest. In order to do so, 1,635 parents were sent a range of popular craft activities, and were asked to time and record the noise level of their child whilst they were involved in each craft.

The noise level reaching above 60 decibels (equivalent to an average conversation noise level) is an indicator that the child is no longer engrossed in the activity and the timer was stopped.*

The 10 Crafts that Keep Your Child Distracted For Longest:

Experts at can reveal the crafts that will keep your child distracted for an average of 20 minutes, in which time the child’s noise level remains below 60 decibels.

RankCraftAverage time before decibels reached 60+ (mins)
1Paper weaving34
2Making slime33
4Jewellery making30
5Painting rocks29
6Coloured sand bottles27
7Mosaic art26
8Macaroni  frames26
9Paper mâché25
10Finger sewing23

Paper weaving stands as the craft that will keep your child distracted the longest. Whilst engaged in this activity, the noise level recorded remained under 60 decibels for an average of 34 minutes. Paper weaving is highly engaging for your child and great for building their motor skills.

Following closely behind is making slime, a new phenomenon that is a lot less messy than it sounds! This fun and creative craft engages all your child’s senses, keeping them quiet for an average of 33 minutes.

Ranking third is origami a highly intricate craft. Origami is known to enhance spatial skills and memory. Whilst being engaged in origami, the participating children made less than 60 decibels of noise for an average of 31 minutes

Also among the top crafts to keep your child distracted the longest are: jewellery making (30 mins), painting rocks (29 mins) and filling clear bottles with coloured sand (27 mins), respectively ranking fourth, fifth and sixth.

The 10 Crafts that Keep Your Child Distracted For the Shortest Time:

RankCraftAverage time before decibels reached 60+ (mins)
1Printing shapes8
2Finger painting9
4Foam crafts10
5Paper chains11
6Playdough modelling12
7Designing t-shirts13
8Straw blowing painting13
9Drawing and colouring14
10Glitter art16

In joint third place are scoubidou and foam crafts, with the noise level recorded remaining under 60 decibels for an average of just 10 minutes each.Finger painting follows closely behind, with the average child distracted after 9 minutes of this craft – seemingly not worth the mess!Printing shapes stands as the least distracting craft – with the children’s noise levels reaching 60 decibels within an average of 8 minutes, 26 minutes faster than paper weaving.

The benefits of crafting

Here Stefan Gheorghe at discusses the three main benefits of crafts for your child:

Enhances decision-making skills: Crafts at any level involve a degree of critical thinking and planning. Solving these artistic challenges will improve your child’s ability to problem solve and make independent decisions.

Improves self-esteem: Creating something you’re proud of is an extremely uplifting and motivating feeling. Experiencing this through artistic expression is an amazing way for your child to feel confident in what they think and what they can produce.

Relaxation: Crafts are known to be relaxing as they tap into our imagination, which helps us to detach. Being relaxed is extremely important for a child’s concentration, something even more vital now many children are being schooled from home. Crafts are therefore a great way to break up their home-study schedule and keep them focused throughout the day. 

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