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On this page I will link to some of my favourite blog posts, books and online resources. Hopefully you will enjoy these reads too..

First up a blog I have just come across as a result of a recommendation by a friend: https://workingmumming.wordpress.com/ Looks like this lady is superwoman and is definitely some good inspiration for this journey. Read her ‘Identity Crisis’ post.

IMG_4645I am also reading this great reference book for new parents “The New Parents Survival Guide“. It’s a great directory and has some excellent tips on breast feeding, nappy changing etc. Just one of those you can go back to time and time again as a reference. Cheap as chips on Amazon second hand.

IMG_4705This is one both James and I are reading currently. It’s called ‘Commando Dad: how to be an elite dad or carer‘. Given James is ex-military, he just loves this book especially the military language. Everything about it is simple and talks directly to the reader. There is no BS and Neil Sinclair (the author) is able to make some complicated topics into bite-size easy reads. I never thought I would get James reading the baby books, but this is one he can’t put down. So ladies, buy this book for your man and watch him teach you a few things about baby. Neil is also a good one to follow on Twitter too and has his own website here. Definitely check him out.

And how could I not mention another blogging inspiration in my life, Mother Pukka. I got introduced to this blogger even before I was pregnant, not least because Anna is just simply hilarious and so very real. I love her honest accounts and photos on Instagram. Take a look at her blog entitled work it baby for some interesting thoughts about mat leave and being discriminated against. In 2015 she joined forces with Joelie Brearley, founder of Pregnant then Screwed, a campaign really close to my heart. I’ll talk more about this cause in detail on a future blog, simply because it deserves a whole post, so keep your eyes peeled. Until then get yourself following Mother Pukka on Instagram ASAP, she is fab!

Take a read of this article in The Guardian about how having kids impacts your career. In this article Cherry Casey the journalist talks to four different families about their experience of taking maternity/ paternity leave. Dave Hornby’s account at the end about whether he introduces himself as a ‘stay at home dad’ or ‘a blogger’ are really interesting. Good to see someone covering this topic at last…

Mum guilt gets to all of us and has definitely been playing on my mind recently. I’ve been full of cold and haven’t been able to do all the things I would like to do with Amelia recently. Mum guilt seems to hang over me like a bad smell! But I just read this blog and feel inspired. Have a read too and ditch the guilt: https://kristenhewitt.me/how-to-ditch-mom-guilt-forever-with-this-single-thought-2/


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