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From PR Professional to being mum, my struggle

I’m Holly Pither, mummy blogger and PR professional. My blog is all about the trials and tribulations of maternity leave and generally being a working mum.
My career has always been my lifeblood, but everything changed when I found out I was expecting a baby. Our first child.
So why write a blog…? Surely we don’t need another mummy blogger out there. Well on that count I agree with you. So my blog isn’t just another mummy blog. Rather I aim to cover something altogether different that barely anyone seems to talk about. How to deal with maternity leave if you simply love your job and don’t know how to let go. I have read books on how my body will change, what to buy, how to change a nappy and much much more, but I just haven’t seen anyone really talk about how to deal with the trials and tribulations of maternity leave and leaving your workplace.
I was very fearful of losing my identity in particular without my job, so I knew I needed something to keep me feeling like ‘me’ whilst off on maternity leave. For me, that meant focusing on exercise. I love to keep active, and doing fitness ensures I am able to stay grounded and keep doing what I love despite not being at work. That’s why I often talk about health and fitness too. 
So if you skipped out the office on your last day, desperate to see the back of work or have no concerns about returning to work after little babs is born, then maybe this blog isn’t for you. But if you did struggle to let go, anguish about your handover, worry about losing your identity during your mat leave, have concerns about how to ask your boss for flexible working, feel scared about how you will leave your baby in childcare for the first time, or just worry about how you are going to go back once you have had the baby then give my blog a go. I’ll cover it all and more.
Oh and if you love some good health and exercise tips then hopefully I can help with that too as I have found fitness to help me continue to feel like ‘me’. And feeling like me is perhaps the most important thing of all, both for baby and for my family.


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