My biggest fear

I started my career in PR just over 10 years ago and it has been a whirlwind from start to finish. I progressed quickly and I worked incredibly hard. Early on in my career, when I worked in London, I could end up doing 12 hour days, staying later in the office well after everyone... Continue Reading →

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All the single parents… now put your hands up

Massive shout out to all the single parents out there – I take my hat off to you! This past week I have been looking after Amelia by myself as James has been away with work with very little phone signal. Whilst I do the bulk of the childcare in the week anyway, I realised... Continue Reading →

Guest blog by Perdita Kamali (mum of three)

Guest blog by Perdita Kamali ..... My name is Perdy. I’m 32, a GP and Mum to George (5), Ralph (2) and Martha (3 weeks). As a working mum of three, I wanted to pass on a piece of advice to first-time mums: embrace and enjoy your first maternity leave. You can guarantee maternity leave... Continue Reading →

Being mum ain’t half so bad

So if you had asked me five months ago how I was going to cope with motherhood, I would have expressed how nervous I was about leaving my busy job in PR and spending all my time at home with a baby. However, I can now safely say that I am loving it. Sure I... Continue Reading →

Guest post by Fi Rodden, Leadership and Organisational Development Consultant in the NHS

Guest blog: I'm half way through my second pregnancy with a little boy who will be two years old when the baby comes. When I first became a mother, despite having lots of friends with older kids who shared their wisdom with me, of course I messed up just as much, if not more, than... Continue Reading →

Q&A with Alexandra Hartley (ITV Wales)

I was so pleased to interview my very good friend Alexandra Hartley today. Not only is she a great friend from school, she is also a very well-known TV presenter and reporter on ITV Wales, where she has worked for four years. H: Thanks for allowing me to interview you, so tell me a little... Continue Reading →

A new skill to add to the CV…and a fun quiz for you to do!

Today I can officially add a new skill to my CV: ‘Fully literate in the art of baby language’……. No I don’t mean I can speak ‘goo goo gah gah’ (Lord knows I wish I could communicate with my baby!) No, what I mean is I understand and speak baby terminology on a daily basis.... Continue Reading →

A Q&A with new mum Clare about her maternity leave

Holly: Can you introduce yourself to the readers? Hi my name is Clare, I am 38 and I live in Oxfordshire. I work at a not for profit organisation in the IT department. I have worked there for about five years and coordinate a team of six people. Holly: Great thanks Clare, great to have... Continue Reading →

Healthy body, healthy mind, healthy baby

I’m so pleased I was able to keep active up until my due date as it’s allowed me to get back to my usual self far quicker than I first thought. Ok so I wouldn’t say we are at a flat tummy yet. Of course not. I just had a baby 8 weeks ago after... Continue Reading →

Eight everyday things that are so much more complicated when you’re a new mum…

Before you enter motherhood you look around and think the world is perfectly set up for parents and carers. After all, don’t they say there is one born every minute? Or is that just the TV show? Well, whilst we do of course have fantastic medical facilities, childcare and health support, there are so many... Continue Reading →

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