Being mum ain’t half so bad

So if you had asked me five months ago how I was going to cope with motherhood, I would have expressed how nervous I was about leaving my busy job in PR and spending all my time at home with a baby. However, I can now safely say that I am loving it. Sure I have days when I miss work, when I miss that adult conversation and the buzz of running a meeting or doing a pitch, that’s perfectly natural. However I definitely don’t pine for work like I thought I would.

Case in point, the Chancellor’s Budget just the other week. This is always a massive day in my industry and a day that is ridiculously fast paced and stressful. The kind of day you come home from and think ‘wow how the hell did I get through that?’….. Just the kind of day I love.

Yet this year, just as the opening speeches were being made I was singing nursery rhymes with Amelia sitting (somewhat uncomfortably) cross legged on a floor strewn with toys, baby rattles and bits of shining fabric. And I was looking into those big blue eyes and seeing her cute little smile and I thought, ‘you know what I would not change this for the world’. So as my colleagues no doubt scrabbled around, drafting statements, approving copy, trying to decipher what the Budget really meant for my clients and stressing about whether those comments would be signed off in time, I sang the wheels on the bus, again and again… and again. And I bloody loved it.

And what was that about being at home all day? Well there is absolutely no chance of that! My social life is better now than ever. Being a mummy is a wonderful way to meet new people. Going to mummy groups, baby classes and new mum events means you share something in common with the other women there. You all feel that same sense of accomplishment about creating another tiny human being, whilst also resonating with them knowing they are going through many of the same things as you.

Those fears of me being bored in the daytime have also been shot out the park. Being a mummy really is a full time job and I have been staggered about how long simple tasks can take. Even just heading out to the shops can take hours now what with all the baby paraphernalia, and of course because it would be rude not to stop for a slice of cake and a coffee with that other mummy friend! From the moment my husband leaves in the morning, till the moment he returns I always have something to do. And you know what, just spending that quality quiet time with the baby or catching up on some reality TV whilst feeding is also pretty awesome.

My other love (aside from my career and my dear husband of course) is exercise and to be fair, if you are motivated you can even fit something active into the week too. Granted I don’t get to do anywhere near as much as I used to, but that’s just how it is right now. Going to mummy and baby exercise classes are also something pretty special. As you sweat through your workout you get to look at your little cute bundle of joy. There is nothing better than popping your head up from a grueling burpee set to see your little one smiling at you. Sure she is thinking ‘what the hell is mummy doing’ but hopefully I can instill some good healthy values in her from a young age. Whatever the case it certainly gets the endorphins going and makes me smile.

And the last thing – and sorry for getting all soppy here – but having a baby truly does bring an already strong relationship closer together. Seeing my husband with Amelia simply melts my heart. It is a bond that only can be held by the two of us, something that links us indefinitely and it is truly magical.

So there you have it, I can’t complain. Being a mummy aint half bad!


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  1. oysterbe says:

    Gosh Mrs Pither that really is well written and I think your best to date, well done.

    Best wishes,

    Richard Tyzack +44 1291-650720 +44 7710-430039



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