How to Travel Safely with Your Pet on Holiday

We’re off on hols for the first time with our new puppy in a few weeks (only in the UK to a little cottage, but still a trip away!!). Definitely not calling it a staycation, don’t get me started on that one…

I have to be honest, it has been playing on my mind a little about travelling with the dog for the first time. Given this, I was keen to read these tips from Sara Boisvert of InsureMyTrip about how to travel safely with your pet.

Here are her six top tips for an enjoyable pet-friendly holiday.

1) Preparation is Key

Before leaving on your trip, make sure you have packed all the essentials for your furry friend.  A sturdy leash, harness, waste bags, identification tags, treats, and pet food are a few important items to include on your packing list.  However, most of these items are common and may be available at your destination should you forget them.

Copies of your dog’s medical records and travel documents may help to prove ownership, health, and history of vaccinations for your dog should the need arise or any officials ask to see them. Also, if your dog requires any medications, these should be labeled clearly and packed in a secure place.

2) Plane Travel

If you decide to travel by plane, be sure to carefully review the airline’s pet policy before booking your reservation. Some airlines, such as United Airlines and American Airlines, temporarily suspended or limited their pet carrying policies due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Policies and prices do vary between airlines and can sometimes depend on the country you’re traveling to (domestic or international) and the size and breed of your pet. 

Travelers may also consider contacting the airlines directly to confirm their policies in the airport and on the plane to limit any day-of-travel issues at the airport. Some airlines are more pet-friendly than others, so it’s important to plan ahead.

3) Secure Your Pet

If traveling by car, the safety of both you and your pet are top priorities.

Use a special seat belt or harness for your dog to ensure they’re not able to roam around the vehicle and distract the driver.

A pet carrier is also a good option. Be sure it’s sized correctly for them, as they should be able to stand up and lie down comfortably. These options will help protect your pet not only from being able to distract the driver, but also in case of a sudden stop.

4) Plenty of Rest Stops

Just like humans, our pets need frequent stops for water, toilet breaks and to stretch their legs. We recommend you prepare accordingly and build these stops into your travel itinerary.

Consider another human travel partner to help share the driving and pet care responsibilities.  

5) Creature Comforts

Once all the essentials are packed and the health and safety checks are done, it’s worth packing some of your pet’s favorite items.

Bring a pet bag with their favorite food, treats, toys, and a blanket.

Once you’re ready to go, leave them with a favorite toy to keep them busy for as long as possible, especially if they’re a nervous pet.

6) Do Your Research

If you’re traveling to a new destination that you haven’t been to before, make sure you do your research to ensure there will be plenty of dog-friendly accommodations and public spaces. For instance, I noticed when in Cornwall that loads of the beaches aren’t actually dog friendly.

Be careful when booking your accommodation as many hotels charge additional fees to accommodate your pet, so make sure you look around for pet-friendly hotels that accept animals without an unexpected upcharge.

I would definitely have to add to the list, make sure you get in any meds you need for your pup well before you go away in case the vet needs to order them in. Bonny (our pup) needs travel sickness medicine so I need to put in a call to the vet for sure on this asap!

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